How to play Aviator? Controls and gameplay


The game Aviator is not complicated. If there is a desire, then literally after a while we will understand all the intricacies of gameplay and even be able to play for real money. The main screen of the game is divided into two areas: at the top is the central window with the game, and at the bottom are the parameters that the player can change before making a bet. On the right side we have a small window where we can have a word or two in chat with other players. The screen also displays a history with the results of the last dozen or so rounds.

Aviator Rules

So, let's understand how to play Aviator. The rules of this game are simple:

  • The player places a bet, then watches an airplane fly by
  • When the cursor is placed on the airplane, the win multiplier increases
  • As the airplane flies, the player has to make a decision: withdraw the money or wait for a bigger payout
  • A quick withdrawal is less risky, but means less winnings
  • We can also wait for higher winnings, but then the risk of losing the bet becomes greater every moment
  • Many people use the automatic mode, which is quite extensive and helps to manage their budget better.

Auto mode

In auto mode, we have access to settings that allow us to improve our withdrawals and betting system. Since the reflexes are counted in manual mode (delayed by milliseconds), autoplay allows us to program exactly when the payout should occur.

Once the game is started in auto play mode, the player cannot change the bet size until the flight is complete.

RTP in Aviator

This game has a pretty high RTP of 96.50%. This is slightly higher than most slots in a standard modern casino, but lower than, for example, blackjack, mega-joker or roulette. Keep in mind that the return to the player is reduced when we play more risky games, for example when we set the automatic payout to a 5x multiplier.

The general rule of thumb for is that early payouts are low risk and guarantee more frequent but smaller payouts, while high risk means you can get big wins with high risk.

Volatility or spread

The volatility parameter does not apply in this game.

Tactics and Strategies in Aviator

Although every casino game of chance has a few percent advantage for the establishment over the player, it is possible to minimize the risk and get more frequent wins. Here are some suggested approaches:

  1. Minimal risk tactics is the Aviator strategy for beginner players. It allows you to comfortably master the game and save money in the long run. However, keep in mind that it will take a long time to hit the jackpot. You place small bets and cash out each round if the multiplier is between 1.20x and 1.21x. This is how you build your balance, which will eventually help you make bigger bets and get bigger wins.
  2. The 1.5x strategy. As the name suggests, you have to place a bet and cash out with a multiplier of 1.50x. The goal of this strategy is to make slow profits with a medium to low risk factor. The doubling strategy is a medium risk strategy that guarantees 100% profit if you reach the right multiplier. Always withdraw cash with a 2x multiplier and bet after a set of 1x or 1.8x multipliers.
  3. Moderate Risk Tactics - This strategy is for players who have a large bankroll and are not afraid to take risks. You bet on multipliers between 2x and 3x. The probability of winning is 40-42%, but if you are lucky, you can increase your winnings significantly.

Aviator on Android and iOS phones and tablets

Aviator for mobile devices requires no installation or . We can play this and other slots from Pragmatic Play through a mobile browser on our phone or tablet. The game is as intuitively controlled with a finger on the smartphone screen as it is with a mouse. Since it has also been optimized for mobile devices, hardware requirements are set at a minimum "friendly" level. Phones manufactured in 2015 and newer models will do.

Mobile gambling is also possible using apps released by online casinos - in this case, you will launch Aviator in a special app. However, the app is not necessary for deposits, withdrawals and mobile play.

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